Bring The Fresh Bonus

Joe motherfucker rejuvenation prepare to rock wrote about version remaster after the success of the 1981 1980 us saw, read, it will lead to the House. The title of the song, a real rocker of the kickoff, is almost like metal, as it can be to get Slade. Night 'hunger' of modern rock with catchy riffs and vocal harmonies. A legitimate return to the graphics. Combined pieces of largo-descuidado / forgot the album 1979 return to the base with a couple of new tricks and CD to the base (on this album completely) numbers and bonuses cut an album reinforced circle. A mixture of metal rock ' n roll and new wave pop that works surprisingly well. The highest point is dizzy mama, a southern flair-Boogie, a kind of allusion to ZZ Top, by his side. And for a bit of fun, there are also interpretation Okey Cokey Slade. Let me smile, but I don't know in what context. Oh, and Dave Hill in the afeitado-no a beautiful view. During the tour the band 1980, an independent company created a documentary film on the life of the band on the road. Never, this film was broadcast, as scheduled. The same producer took the promotional video of will lead us to a House. This video was filmed the concert band Gaumont Ipswich on January 17, 1981. A magazine of sounds Hey guys, all these slag disc called futuristic boring? Tired of phase two bicolore old to do? would it change the stupidity of the current mode of the top? Then Slade (may God bless him) panacea poste-hacha is only in your way. Ten tracks of conical wine guaranteed to cause serious structural damage to the thugs of stronger apartments bad humor and joy. Make house down a monumental triumph for the band, which swept spectacular fell again in the last few months, there will be a real treat for the children, that is installed without reserve behind them. In short, is the cap of a bottle, filled to the brim with confidence and knowledge, which withers by the age. The title track opens the show. I have to admit, being totally annoying when first my Chinese oles and time graphic smash pre was stuffed full. Do not disturb the suspicion of a previous ' murmured wisely of Neasden could be heard. Well, of course, time and sale have I proven completely the ball, the single has sold co Noddy and the return of the letters. Anyway quick race on night deliciously sexist 'hunger' applies the young owner about possible enjoy Horn. It is very likely that the disk must be exceptional or rise, follow. With perfect hook and breezy pace a single bright TOTP exactly sober would not be subject to tariffs, even if it is bold. I would like to smell them, hug them, tightening, the decline of the lascivious eye Baba, coo of Sladettes at the bottom, so, like you, want to / more Yes! wunderbare things. There is a version recently recorded apparently direct is not conve - was one of the more exciting cuts from Elpee fear return to base, as well as a version of study you remember 'if I'm Dancin' and I am I-individual bats, Dave works (good foot TISWAS), two hills were an enormous axe. In fact, stands out in the whole building, it gives a distinctive and elegant tone. The second page is through and heavy metal more with fast AC/DCish dizzy Mummy and a deafening bolts and screws. And so the power which has a way of giving life to this terrible old Chuck Berry Brown are also a rockero, an achievement in itself, I would say. We will bring the House down, when all is said and made a valuable contribution to the rock filled with demolition. Slade are back with a vengeance! Melody Maker wrote me last year like us who are not cold like ice, we said that take care of many Noddy holder. We always knew that we could skip every band on the stage. It is the irresistible decline of the eye and the rest of the guys who can and indeed, support, says big mouth. Reading a sequence of the gods decimated my hair last year had colored satin lolo and age of Posen and was now given public recognition. Yes, Slade still problems fell empty and with the elegance and the rudeness of friendly, put the cock before the entire package. And if this time comes with healthy cynicism and renounce a philosophical group, extreme volatility different state of mind and the way the media, while they're stronger for it. Its almost pointless to review his new album. Do it with subtlety, not Gush a giant leap for mankind. What they have, which is very much before the madness with bravado and a playful sense of self parody. Their comprehensive approach is based on the simple principle that has its limits and stick well to find; and focus on your goal and go straight without deviation. Locked when there is the most direct path through a forest and then you write only, until aboard the Slade plows: nods and violent flogging voice on bass and drums, screaming like a chainsaw, a wave of explosions in the wake of Dave Hill stacked and Jim Lea and guitar Don Powell are committed.Slade are a great live band and have enabled classic lonelier than anyone else, to pray, liberated. Albums were always so something like a lack of relevance to them. An ingenious device imagined to make administrators more money; the possibility of establishing some singles at a party. This album serves a function. Anyone. You already have the title of the song and again put in the standings after long absence misery, but come with at least four ways to ensure the best slopes, being short is will.-'the slogan you want', hungry at night, when I dance combat aint (already recorded the EP to read) and wheels is not venutoQuesto best of all by the colorful form represents the panic comes a disaster to be released,. Others, their version of Chuck Berry, switch is a killer of obvious and my baby Mama dizzy and she also carried not chillón influence, which must be the dynamics of life, but here more fuzzy noisy. For the course. My only concern is that this glorification of HM trash them dead except herself in a large number of bands of bad axe. Hunger in the night, a glorious spontaneity of song called ricos-humor is certainly rude sexism of the ridiculous traditional HM; and the pure relentless pace all makes me more melodic notes for their hope out of time. Really do I serve for their new generation of end of supporters more awkward? Probably.but, so that they continue to make this huge smile, Self-mocking face of nod, and always carry my luv t-shirt Slade. Daily Mirror wrote that they have always been stronger. But five years later depreciated to Slade, demonstrate, this is a band that can last. And once again, owner of Noddy and his boys to tear down the House with their brand of villain based on rock. For the first time since 1978, with the single there goes home, they are in the standings. For many fans of pop, new success comes as no surprise - with the exception of Slade. Support, 31, said that we knew that we could once thought never doubted. Of course, we had a few difficult years and I knew that once we overcome. But never thought to share. When Thomas more came, decided to return to more beat us. Banda-si, Jim read, 28, 29, Dave Hill and Don Powell, 30 - celebrates a partnership 15 this year. The owner says, we have always said that we were able to play as long as we keep enjoyed together. There are still. And we are still so strong! Slade were only a sell-out tour presentation in the UK, where she belted back to no less than 90 concerts and oldies. They found that his new fans and hundreds of thousands of faithful, the memory of Slade played ten years under the direction of the boots of port in Berne and cylinder platform. Their new album, called also brings home has the same age as rock colossal decibel, no-nonsense Slade high style. And if you feel that this vector shouts something stronger than usual in the new single from the band, you have a good reason. The song is called the wheels down and one was written that had carried on a plane to the United States, when he thought that he had only 45 minutes to live. He said to Jim and they were on way to a radio station, when the captain told us he could not lower the wheels in the country. We have been diverted to another airport for an emergency landing. It is not a good feeling to know that you can only 45 minutes left in life. We have drunk alcohol is fortunately, the pilot took the plane safely.Rock spring 2010 characterized by classical Slade magazine as part of its Bring The Fresh Bonus buyers guide things hard the where the magazine reviewed many albums of Slade. In the Superior Court: call the collage ' lead section, a review of returns to denounce Don tattoo Powells frenetic drum and the football-terrace-SchreiWoooah-oh-oh-oh-oh! ninth album of Slades brought years of the desert at the end. We bring down House cobbled together quickly after the triumph of the band, much of the content of the reading again (see) album back at the base, but if it was dancin ' ' I don't fight, Dizzy Mama Undrader is not next Downgeschickt airs the show live in the room to be, involving band from the new wave of heavy metal movement of the tire,. the band made all of the concerts, which were able. The group could sell more concerts in the bars of the Union of University students and respectable crowd of small spots to draw. However, it is only four years old, since the band had Earls Court and also the Headliner band earthiest had to admit it was a bit like a car. However, bassist Jim Lea was beaten. I thought the band was great, said Chris Charlesworth in 1983, we were playing as well, if not better, that we have had.Now we have something to prove again. The same band would have every night at clubs and universities upper and lower clean annoying PA, leading to the country often and run LightShow proven. Singles Manager Chas Chandler-barn records, which sold recently were always free, the gang.It changed the possibility of the band, when Slade before 65,000 fans Lee Rock Festival in August 1980 (thanks to a later cancellation of recovery, bring the House down is the first game in the disk.) The road was first single Slade in 1976. It reached # 10 in the United Kingdom, style shows the title of sound to the genres of hard rock of one Slade more. The line was part of the Slade song live preview. The title of the song, allmusic wrote automatically. Listening and making, singing, as well as Slade audience since the beginning of the band, playing the song. An absolute necessity. Record mirror wrote that renewal Slade was something like a current case of date back at least until, as laudable to 79 and a pinch of dynamic music around this time machine. This reflects a refreshing avin around '72' overall fun atmosphere 1 million kilometers of the current attitude of the gang war, which prescribes a duty be a futuristic/rockabilly/head skinhead/Headbanger etc, then why are still gaining ground now? Now, what is the abandonment of the new romance, there a little to say about the properties down again and with it, the kind of popular entertainment, which embodies the Slade.? But there is strong and sounds are canciones-cosas, this old, well balanced with the structures, still write history and clean lines, irresistible hooks. Here are the wheels of this last not is down and let me love you represented. The first is in relief as the plane in which you so doubtful step and therefore is an honest evocation of goodwill you feel so loved by all of us live. The second is a surprisingly progressive, slow ballad, splintery and rolling with more synthesized effects. Yes, Slade sperimental, but you can as always since then, with the more mundane terrace of football to seduce songs, map of ACE, really glow. Even ruthless screws and nuts / hear the news if bad grid, but when I dance beat ' is really a bit of pain. The concept is so bad that it is good, it makes [,,.